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Many companies in Turkey which are walking on the path of being more institutionalised have already choosed HQ ERP. Now you are next!
What does HQ ERP offer?
Processes managed with ERP
To achieve success in ERP

HQ Tech engineers developed HQ ERP in order to assist you grow your business in order to maximise resource management productivity at SMMEes and more institutionalised companies.

HQ ERP Institutional Resource Management family is the most improved ERP programme which combines all operation on one platform from production management to staff management, from exports to finance management, from customer relations to general accounting management. Resource planning, financial management, decision support tools are all under one roof with improves ERP solutions of HQ Tech. Inventory and finance management of the companies are improved with focus of savings and productivity.

Today, enterprises may embark on their journey with various needs on the basis of ERP.

These are move toward being more institutionalised or improve the existing structure. Better resource planning and cutting costs. Develop techniques of tackling difficulties with competition to control financial risks against global capital movements. Access continuous supply for production and market the product speedily. To watch and control production, sale and despatching points in different locations or countries by a central automation system.

The ERP project in question may be an upgrading or implementation project and may take few month or years. What is important is to move by taking into consideration all possibilities with right programming, right partner and right project. The most important is to manage change by never forgetting the human factor.

HQ Tech makes it easy for you to move to a new way of doing business though perfect ERP solution with its expert staff. Its flexible and modular structure makes it possible to offer perfect solutions matching your needs and also prepares you for future needs that may arise.

HQ ERP’s some important gains:
  • Takes all processes of the company under control
  • Fast set up and optimisation processes
  • Gives you effective planning capacity.
  • Modular and expandable structure & cost effective solutions
  • Offers complete structure from procurement to costumer
  • It has the feature to consolidate various companies under single management.
    Removes borders and distance.
  • Improves the competitive power
  • Carries business flow to international standards.
HQ ERP Product Family:

Trade Set
It is designed for you to use all commercial activities optimally such as stock, finance. It offers the most comprehensive solution for your company and consists of stock management, service and cost management, purchasing finance management modules.

General Accounting
It will be sufficient for you to identify your general accounting method and infrastructure once only in order to monitor all accounting processes and after that you will only need to interpret them. For the documents you desire to create from accounting, you can define receipt wizards and run statement and return processes.

Repair Service Centre Management
With this product you can control service points in and outside of the company. You can assign the service requests from customers (within and out of guarantee) with a singly button and follow all operational stages in detail. It is possible to establish instant accounting link, issue invoices including/excluding parts.

Real Estate Management
All assets of the company can be identified and assigned inventory locations. Marginal life identifications and all identifications regarding financial agreements may be specified. Ware-and-tear and re-evaluation can be accounted for. Detailed reports can be obtained for inflation adjustments and accounting adjustments.

Inflation Accounting Management
You can perform inflation accounting and corrections with a single button. You can automatically create profit-loss table together with detailed statement and income statement.

You can exchange and share information between head office and branches with this HQ Tech product designed for developed and developing multi-national companies. All data at branch, factory, regional office, warehouse and despatch centres are transferred among these centres. In case of breakdown of communication with an external point, the centres’ operations are not affected. Most recent and updated data exchange happen automatically without the need for human interference.

Manufacturing Management Programme (MRP)
It contains processes of product information, transfer, job cards, creating of material purchase needs, analysis of manufacturing and subcontracting movements and subsequent standards costs. MRP ensures performing these processes in the most flexible manner.

Personnel Management
Complete, flawless, fast and secure solution for all processes relating to staffing policies. It solves all your processes of staff management by utilising time and human resources productively regardless of the size of your company and number of your employees.

Production Resource Planning (MRPII)
It contains codes for product promotion, company promotion, production planning/monitoring, production direction chart, primary material procurement/monitoring, movement, report, lists, cost accounting and integration. Business world which have grown and improves with increase in technological terms aims at healthy growth with total quality management in production as well as management. MRPII contains solutions to give you advantage of competition with developed production functionalities.

Human Resources Management
You can evaluate your staff according to knowledge, skill and experience with HR product which includes career/training planning, hiring, leave and performance management. HR management also offer the possibility to staff improvement with measurement criteria. It operates in integration with Staff Management.

Relationship Management (CRM-VRM)
This product which is designed to manage your relations with not only the customer in normal sense but also with your business partners, is a platform where you can monitor all your relations with companies you buy from or sell to. It can also keep a record of all communication including phone calls, email, letter, fax, etc. between your staff and these companies. It can also create detailed reports and data cubes.

With E-Invoice end the time for physical invoices. It has th same legal status as a physical invoice.  You can have the e-Invoice with HQ ERP which includes all legally required information on it. It is designed to conduct receiving and despatch operation in three ways; namely e-Invoice portal, integration and special integration.

Import Management
With import management formalities re no more a problem. You can mange all your import related procedures, print the needed documents, calculate import costs with import management product and follow purchasing of export products and obtain detailed reports.

Decision Support System
Decision Support System offers possibility of fast and rich reporting. You can analyse your data with any detail you wish, use existing data cubes, or can easily create your own data cubes.

Export Management
This product which enables to obtain all relevant documents for export, can define packing list, customs clearance declaration document, foreign currency purchase document, certificate of origin, A. TR document, EUR. 1 certificate of circulation and follow up Form A definitions and obtain all relevant detailed reports.

Rentable estate management
This product has been developed for renting sector and operate integrated with entire family including finance, accounting, repair service centre management. It is an ERP system which renting agencies can use to record all process start-end. In renting sector the process starts with the customer enquiry and continues with quotation. Then the quotation is approved. Once the quotation is signed, the agreement is generated and the assets is reserved and then the directives are automatically sent to service fro preparation and/or despatch. If needed, all details of the asset to be rented out can be followed with Mechanical Engineers Approval Form and resource control reports. On completion of despatch and invoicing, all cost details can be analysed in cost and analysis reports.

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