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HQ Successfully catch up with your technical e-commerce infrastructure without losing time. Unmatched in scope, make a difference with 24/7 Technical Support, Campaign Rules, Marketing Modules and Mobile Apps.

Advanced E-Commerce Modules
Differentiate from simple e-commerce sites with HQ Tech’s advanced e-commerce modules. Surprise your customers and make your business easier.

Your Special Support Representative
You will receive a wide and customized service with the support specialist, which you can use as an option and only customize it privately.

Conversion Enhancement Systems
With site exit warning you can stop shopping when you leave the site or keep shopping for it by showing that the content, product, search or brand pages are open to visitors who have stayed for a certain time.

Turnkey Ecommerce
I want to do e-commerce, but how do you say it? Do not Worry With HQ Tech’s easy-to-implement and free on-demand training, you can quickly build your e-commerce site and start selling.

One-Button Invoice Cutting Feature
Print invoices for the sales you make on your ecommerce site with one click! Also take all the dossier of the bills you have taken with excel and do not pay extra to bill the accounting programs.

Make a Difference with Mobile Apps
Get your place on the App Store and Google Play with HQ Tech’s Mobile Apps.

24/7 With Phone Support
We are at your disposal 24/7 for your constantly open e-store. You can reach our expert support team by contacting us on our emergency hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Custom Design
You can apply special designs to the head office and customize the skirt dimensions according to mobile devices and desktop devices. You will have exclusive mobile websites.

Easy to use management panel
The HQ Tech e-commerce system has user-friendly, easy-to-use interfaces for easy product entry, easy tracking and sending of your orders, and detailed reporting of your sales.

24/7 Telephone Support Convenience
You can reach and answer any time you want, the technical team will not waste your time at your service 24/7. Whether you search, write, or use our free documentation!

Free Auto Active Virtual Card Machine
2 clicks without going to any bank, waiting for days, no monthly or yearly fees, and your virtual card machine is active for your e-commerce site!

Advanced Campaign Modules
Increase sales with different campaign models, and do all campaigns in your store on your e-commerce site.

Surprise your Visitors with Chrome Notification
With chrome notification feature on HQ Tech, you can instantly send your campaign or day-specific deals to the mobile and desktop users at the touch of a button.

Custom Modules to Make Your Work Easier
E-commerce with HQ Tech is faster, more practical! Simplify your trading with one key billing, shipping and other integration modules, quick and easy product addition options and many more advanced modules.

Integrated Bank and Custom Payment Systems
All the bank’s virtual card machine sub-structures are integrated into the system. All you need to do is enter your virtual card machine passwords through your admin panel. Apart from that, special payment systems like Paypal, Payu, Ipara, Iyzico are ready for you.

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